Overcome socio‑economic barriers and become a tech entrepreneur




Entrepreneurial talent can and should come from anywhere in France, regardless of socio-economic background.

Yet too often, aspiring founders are held back by structural obstacles such as funding, training or networks. French Tech Tremplin is an initiative that aims to identify aspiring entrepreneurs from tougher backgrounds and welcome them into the French Tech ecosystem. We optimise their chances of success through funding, training and mentorship. The initiative is designed to level the playing field by mimicking certain advantages entrepreneurs would have had easier access to, had they come from more privileged backgrounds. It is divided into two successive programs.



An intensive course to help budding founders develop both the hard and soft skills needed to get from idea to market-tested prototype. This is a full-time talent development program designed to help first-time entrepreneurs learn by doing.

November 2019 to April 2020

For individuals.

We are on the lookout for aspiring entrepreneurs from populations chronically underrepresented in our tech ecosystem. See eligibility criteria


A starter package for entrepreneurs accepted into an incubator/accelerator. No one is here to tell you what to do and when, only to provide a supportive environment for your company to successfully get to market.

May 2020 to May 2021

For companies.

Designed for companies founded by a French Tech Tremplin I graduate. Also open to other companies with at least one founder from a population chronically underrepresented in our tech ecosystem. See eligibility criteria

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  • Love money

    17K given to the individual. Up to 5K may be used to help shoulder living expenses, the rest goes into learning and building.
  • A godparent

    You will be paired with a single “godfather” or “godmother,” a successful entrepreneur from your local French Tech ecosystem. This person will open their networks to you and guide you through your journey.
  • Co-working space

    You will each have a desk at one of the cozy local French Tech HQs.
  • Cohort-based program

    From rapid prototyping workshops to mentor sessions, you’ll be learning alongside a cohort of 10 to 18 people.
  • Social worker

    Each cohort will have one social worker to guide you through the journey and help you apply for additional state stipends.


  • Equity-free angel funding

    30K given to the company
  • FT Board member

    We’ll recruit one successful French Tech entrepreneur to take a volunteer spot on your board for the duration of the program, equity-free.
  • Accelerator/incubator

    Desk space and support at one of our partner incubator(s) for up to one year (worth 12K). .
  • Cohort-based activities

    You’ll get together with your cohort at least once a month for activities ranging from special guest dinners to VC meetings.
  • Funding expert

    Our partners at BPI will give you access to a specialist who can help you navigate your first round of fundraising.






Got questions ?

Here are a few samplings of what we’re typically asked, along with our responses.

  • Do I need to have already created my startup?

    No, you just have to have an idea. Your application will be favored if you show that you have already started working on your project, but you do not have to have already created your startup.
  • What are your selection criteria?

    We study your application in its entirety: your experience, your motivation and your idea. Your application must show your desire to succeed and your motivation to join French Tech Tremplin.
  • What should we present at the end of the program?

    At the end of the program a pitch and demo session will be organized. That is to say that you will present to a public / jury what you worked on for 6 months and your project. For this, you will prepare with the help of your guide as part of the program!

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